Industry Leadership Since Mailtricity was founded, it has played a key marketing industry leadership role in strategic solutions and services based on our clients marketing needs.
Industry Leadership
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Professionalism Earning and maintaining our established professional reputation is imperative to us. We listen, understand, identify and lead our clients to marketing success.
Traditional Media Solutions
Traditional Media Solutions

Revolutionizing Traditional Media solutions management. Unprecedented approach to maximizing best in class planning and buying agency talent. No vendor can be all things to all clients but we love the opportunity to assess your needs and see where we can save you budget dollars, manhours and just plain make you look great!

Since 1991, our traditional media solutions sector has been serving clients' media management needs. From strategic media planning to buying any and all media forms to even more non-traditional roles of stepping in where clients have a need -we're there.

We pride ourselves in working with, not against a clients established agency relationships integrating seamlessly with creative agencies, media buying agencies and internal marketing staff.

Revolutionizing the media management compensation structure, we put our money where our mouth is. One of our very first customers asked, "how do we know you'll save us money and achieve same or better media"? to which we answered with directly tying our compensation to what we were able to negotiate on their behalf. That client is still with us to this day.

All we ask of prospective clients is to give us an opportunity. If we can't save you money and still achieve all your goals and objectives, we'll congratulate you and trust you'll refer us in the future.

All clients are created equal. client budget size, buying agency "clout" does not matter. It should never have bearing on the price you pay or the quality of service you receive.

The client is King. We work within your existing infrastructure. If you already have an established relationship for media planning and or buying, no need to change it. We work within your relationships not against them.

You get what you negotiate. Revolutionary concept in media management compensation whereby our motivation is your motivation. If we can't save you money preserving all your goals and objectives, we cost you nothing.

Media buying is a commodity. Media buying is no different than buying any other commodity - we're just the first media professionals to admit it.

Twenty plus years experience "breaking the mold". If it ain't broke, break it. Across all industries and targets, our clients benefit from best practices established out of the age old question, "Why is it done that way?" and the age-old answer of "I don't know."

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