About Mailtricity

The Mailtricity team is a group that grew from a team of passionate, professional individuals who came together because of a common interest and background in all forms of Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Political Marketing and Traditional Marketing but more importantly, with a burning desire to help our clients.

Our advantage is that we have combined our real world business experience and brought them together under one roof. No more explaining your needs to multiple companies. To draw the right market audience, you need a team of professional individuals like Mailtricity's team on your side

Mailtricity's executive leadership team and board members play a vital role in maintaining the success of our organization and guiding the company to new levels of growth and achievement. Through our experience, dedication and vision, we continue to build on a solid foundation that drives the success of our clients, employees, investors, vendors and communities.

Our goal at Mailtricity, is helping businesses of all sizes grow profitably and compete effectively in the new world of business.

Our Marketing Planning

  • Understand your organization's mission
  • Help you define your audience
  • Create a marketing plan according to your specific needs
  • Develope measurable, specific success metrics
  • Track success in real time with our tracking system
  • Monitor progress against agreed metrics
  • Analyze ROI based on time-study intervals
  • Adjust effort based on learning and metric performance
  • Strategic communications